Jump Around!!!

12 Oct

Well it has been a week or so since I have written something.. shame on me! But I have been busy. At work, I have had conferences out the behind, grades, and the arrival of new materials (FUN!). At home, I have been trying and trying to get our house to my liking- which is SPOTLESS. I feel like I have no excuse to have a messy house because I only work till 11 each day… however, it is much harder than it may seem.

We continue on our path to clean eating- it is harder than it looks. For so long I opted for the quick and healthy approach. Eating clean is much more time consuming but the benefits are totally worth it! I’ve been relying on my Tosca Reno cookbook and cleaneatingmag.com as well as some new creations. 🙂 Once I purchase a new camera I will get some pics and recipes up to share.

I have come up with some more heart pumpin’ Tabata workouts. I will tell you all that I have seen amazing success with these. My body truly is changing and I can feel a difference in my energy level.


Jumping alternate lunges-20 seconds

rest- 10 seconds

Burpees- 20 seconds

rest-10 seconds

Repeat till you have completed 8 rounds ( remember 1 round= 20 seconds and a 10 second rest)


Crunch with Lateral extension- Start on your back with your legs in table top. Hold a weight in your hands (I use 10lbs) and crunch weight to meet your knees than extend your legs straight (DO NOT TOUCH THE GROUND) and your arms straight above your head. -20 seconds

rest-10 seconds

Flutter kicks-20 seconds

rest-10 seconds

Bicycle-20 seconds

rest-10 seconds

Standard crunches- 20 seconds

rest-10 seconds

*Repeat twice to meet the 8 rounds


Start with a jump roping Tabata to boost your heart rate. 🙂 Score!



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