Monday Mantra

17 Oct

I was reading the current Oxygen magazine and in it they feature an article on Mantras. It made me think of how I make it through my workout and the inner voice I use to keep me going. Probably the one I say most often is ” you can do this”. Or maybe, “get fit!” Either way, I believe an inner voice is so important to your success in the gym and in life. You absolutely have to believe in yourself and be confident in your abilities. Now more so than ever I feel people need to look within themselves to live a healthy mental and physical life. There are so many outside obstacles we face that tempt our success. I guess that inner voice and positive attitude does truly have an impact I just have never analyzed it enough to really realize it!

Today I plan on hitting the weights pretty hard to recover from this past weekend of eating out and lazyness. I will get some good practice in today!


So what’s been cooking?

Well, last week I made this very yummy enchilada shrimp casserole. It was sooooo yummy!

Some changes: black refried beans instead of reg. refried, no green onions

I also tried a clean chicken and dumpling recipe. I must say though… I wasn’t a fan. The dumplings were not the same and the overall recipe has an interesting/wierd flavor. So I am going to pass on sharing this recipe.. i’ll save you the heartache.

Fall fashion frenzy!!! 

I absolutely love fall fashion… the boots, sweater dresses, jackets, etc.

This year I have already purchased a new pair of brown leather boots from and a great new wool peacoat from

I plan on purchasing some black skinny jeans and some dresses to sport with my boots- ahhhh the excitement! Now if it would just get cold here in Texas.



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