Wine is good for the heart…right?

25 Oct

This past weekend, Jon and I went up to a wine festival with some friends and had great time! It was a Texas wine event that showcased wine from local winerys. We sampled lots of varieties and enjoyed many- and some not so much. The one thing I can say is I did not enjoy our food selection. Maybe i’m old fashioned but when I drink a nice glass of wine I would like some decent food. For lunch, I ate a brisket taco. Only I passed on the flour tortilla and simply ate the greasy meat. Yes, this was the best they had. That does not scream refined wine to me. However, the company overshadowed my upset tummy. We managed to have a wonderful day and really enjoyed being outside with the weather cooperating nicely.

Physical fitness and technology:

This past week, I have been addicted to my new iphone. I love it not only for its amazing techno features but also for all the helpful fitness tools. Some apps that I have discovered are:





grocerypal- amazing! gives you up to date sales at the grocery store


workout trainer- has workout on your phone!

tabata timer

words with friends- soooooo addicting!

Protein obsession of the week: 

I absolutely love whey protein. It is so easy to use and can be a very tasty treat to add into your diet. Not to mention protein builds muscle- muscle burns more fat.. you get the idea. I recently discovered something called a “protein puff” and would like to share it with you- beware it is very addictive and super yummy!

Puffy Protein

1 scoop of your favorite whey protein (I use vanilla)

1 T almond butter

dash of cinnamon (optional)

Splash of milk, if you are technical its about 1/3 C

-Place all ingredients (minus milk) in a microwave safe bowl. Mix in the milk and begin to stir together until most of the lumps are out.

-Place in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Repeat for 15 more seconds. The mixture should thicken up. If it doesn’t zap it for 10 second increments.

-Spread on your favorite toast or english muffin.

*options- add some pumpkin puree, top it with bananas or strawberries= yummy!

Workout of the week:

Treadmill easy interval workout:


 1-3 min. /3 mph/1 elevation

3-4 min./4 mph/2 elevation

4-5 min./4 mph/3 elevation

5-6 min./5 mph/ 2 elevation

6-7 min./ 5 mph/4 elevation

7-8 min./3 mph/1 elevation

8-9 min./5 mph/1 elevation

9-10 min./6 mph/2 elevation

10-11 min. 3 mph/1 elevation

***repeat once***


 Have a healthy/happy day!

Some reads for you:

Snacks- they do work!,0,0


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