25 Nov

Happy be-lated Turkey Day!!!


After yesterday, I decided to compile a list of reasons I am thankful this year. Many of you may relate to these reasons and some you may not. I do think it gives you some clarity though to make a list like this. Try it! You may have more reasons than you think.


1. My family- I am blessed with a supportive family. I have also gained a whole new family through my marriage. I am truly lucky to respect and love each and every one of them.

2. My husband- for always making me laugh and for loving me entirely…even though i’m sometimes hard to deal with!

3. My dogs- I have the funniest pups who make each day an adventure.

4. My job- In an economy like ours you have to be thankful for any opportunity to do what you love.

5. My friends- Old and new for always making me laugh till my stomach hurts and for always listening to the good and the bad.

6. My ability to physically do all the things I enjoy.

7. Eating- for the ability to enjoy all the good things in life… wine, cookies, pizza (in moderation )

8. Music- It makes everyone so happy!

9. Shopping- Who doesn’t love a good deal!?

10. Financial Stability- To have a home and food on the table.






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