Serious workouts for the not so serious people

30 Nov

Hello friends. The week is flying by! All my teacher buddies and I are counting down the days till we are on VACATION! I’m still working on our home decorations and attempting some exciting ideas I posted about on Saturday’s post. So far none have been successful. Other exciting news:

Yes! They still have pumpkin items out at the grocery store…












Even though pudding is totally artificial.. it was a nice change. One I don’t think I would do again. But for 88 cents I say it was worth the chance.



Maybe it’s the holidays, cool weather, or the fact that I need another vacation but I have been so bored with our eating and workout routine. In hopes of changing things up, I have been working at trying some workout videos and changing up my typical menu. I’ll be posting some new recipes for you. For now, check out this super easy breakfast idea.

Oats and berries 

1 package original oatmeal

1/2 a banana

1/2 C of black berries or berries of your choice

1 T of honey

2/3 C almond milk

*Prepare oatmeal with almond milk as directed

*Chop up black berries and bananas and add to cooked oats

*Drizzle honey and stir to combine

*Indulge 🙂


Moving on! Well, I have created a killer circuit workout that may not be so intimidating to the non- workout enthusiasts. Try it out! You need a tabata timer (search apps on your smart phone) or search “gymboss” on amazon.



Serious Circuit 

*Set your timer to 8 rounds/20 sec-10 sec rest

Jumping Jacks

Jump Squats

Lunges, left and right alternating

Kettle Ball Swings

Push Ups

Mountain Climbers



*Complete the full tabata 3-4 times!*

Jon and I completed this workout on Sunday. Easy and effective!

That’s all for today! Adios!


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