All warm and cozy

2 Dec

Well, the time has come to bust out all the holiday favs! Tonight I had a lovely batch of homemade hot cocoa… so delish I can’t even put it into words! I attempted to make an actual cup of Abuelita hot cocoa, however, once I read the ingredients and all that it took to make the darn cup I passed. And so the birth of the homemade hot cocoa is here:

Homie Hot Cocoa

Almond milk- enough to fill an average sized mug

2 packets of stevia

 1.5T of unsweetened cocoa powder

*Heat the almond milk in a mug for about 2 min.

*Mix in remaining ingredients.

*Pop back into microwave for 30 more seconds.

 I did complete one task today:

A new jewelry holder!

This is soooo easy to make. Simply grab a frame and cork board, thumb tacks, fabric, and your glue gun.

1. Measure the cork and fabric to fit the frame and cut.

2. Cover the cork board with fabric

3. Place inside the frame.

4. Grab tacks and hang jewelry!

** Note: you may need to double up on the cork to make it thicker if it isn’t already.

Happy decorating 🙂


One Response to “All warm and cozy”

  1. Jessica Brown December 2, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    I like the new face of the blog…looks good!

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