Beauty Finds and Other Goods

6 Dec

I thought I would share a list of all my favorite beauty and health products. This list is forever growing so if you have something special to share please post a comment.

1. Olay

I love this product because it is light but effective!

2. Mac Studio Fix

By far my favorite makeup!

3. Multi Vites

This is such a good alternative if you cannot stomach vitamins (like me!)

4. Olay Pro X

I just purchased this awesome product! It is a slight alternative to the clarisonic (I have heard it isn’t as good.) However, I have never used one so to me this one is awesome  and a fraction of the cost.

5. Bath and Body Works Body Cream

Inexpensive, and keeps your skin moisturized in those winter months.

6.Crystal Deodorant 

I know people who live by this stuff! However, you do have to train your body to respond.. it doesn’t work right away so I recommend using it at night and still applying regular deodorant in the morning. It drastically keeps you more dry!

7. Vaseline

So many uses! Lips, eye creases, eye lashes, etc.

8. All Soft Cream by Redken

For all you curly/unruly haired ladies. Put this stuff in afer a shower, blow dry and BOOM! Awesome hair 🙂

9. Almay Bright Eyes Base

Awesome for those black circles.

10. Lancome Juicy Tubes

All time favorite.


That’s all for now! 🙂 More to come…





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