Changes and favorites

16 Jun

1. A new favorite song with a great message.

2. A new house.







3. An old favorite workout… SPIN!










4. A new found love for home improvement- via pinterest

5. Joining Golds Gym Elite- I’m going back to my roots and taking fitness classes. In the next few weeks I hope to try zumba (for the first time!), yoga, and pilates

6. I’ll be starting an online TPT (teachers pay teachers) account for all my many teacher created items that will soon be for sale. If you know a teacher or are a teacher spread the word!

7. Actually keeping up with my blog. When we bought our home I became very overwhelmed quickly. I am going to make a conscious effort to post new recipes and ideas.

8. Fav new chicken recipe:

Stuffed Italian Chicken Breast

*4 Chicken breast- Butterflied but not cut in half.

*4 pieces canadian bacon

*Jar of pesto

*Mozzarella cheese-fat free

*Whole wheat bread crumbs

*1 egg-beaten

*Preheat oven to 375

*Spread pesto inside of chicken breast and place bacon and cheese inside.

*Brush outside with egg and drizzle with whole wheat bread crumbs

*Bake for 20 min. (depending on your oven) Serve with your fav veggies!

 Things to look forward to this week:

-Treadmill workouts

-How to properly weight lift.. at home or at the gym




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