I’m Courtney and welcome to my blog!  I currently live in San Antonio, Texas and am the mother of two amazing pups:














I recently married my husband Jon:

And together, we travel:

And enjoy time with our family and friends:

We are embarking on a new adventure of finding our dream home and starting our life together- follow us on our journey through life- eating, loving, and living!

Why a blog?

For starters, I need a way to communicate my thoughts (I have so many!) I’ve been told for years that I have a lot of helpful advice for people seeking to live a healthier life style. I find a lot of times people either go to the far extreme to lose weight or don’t do enough of the right thing. I can tell you from experience that living healthy is not always easy. However, you do not have to sacrifice all the goodies life has to offer. I enjoy teaching people (both little and big) the importance of happiness, strong relationships, and health. I hope my passion stretches to you and yours and you find your inner and outer strength!

Everything Courtney

Name: Courtney

DOB: 1/28

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Favorite color: Teal/lime green

Pets: Lucy & Butters

Husband: Jon

Food: Mexican 🙂

Drink: Skinny vanilla latte, sweet tea, Magaritas

Movie- Steal Magnolias

TV show– Real Housewives of ____________

Magazine- Lucky & Oxygen

Scent- Miss Dior Cheri

Fitness- Tabata intervals/ interval running

Occupation– Teacher

Siblings- brother (Ian), sister- in-law (jessica), brother in-law (Brian)

Shopping- Alloy, Limited, Express, Nordstrom

College- Texas State University

Sports teams– college… Longhorns, NFL… Texans, NBA…Spurs, MLB… Rangers


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