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Back to the daily grind

29 Nov

Well hello there! It’s me again. Today was my first day back after a nice long week of rest and relaxation. I really feel like this was one of my best vacations yet. So much was accomplished and I still got to relax in the process. It’s the little things that I am beginning to cherish about sipping coffee slowly while watching the news, reading my favorite magazine on the porch, playing with the pups, or just spending time with family.

If I had a dollar for every funny thing I heard on an average day of work let’s just say I would be very rich. Until that actually happens, I will enjoy getting my daily chuckle while at work.

Funny sayings from today (just off the top of my head):

Boy: “I should be the leader today because I’m handsome.”


Me: Tell me things that remind you of the holiday season.

Girl: “ummmm. Princesses in pajamas. “


“Teacher, I peed on myself a little.”



So did anyone find a great cyber Monday deal? I only found one…–2?a=nicolesnickels

You get two magazines for a year for only $6… 🙂 Yay!

I was tempted by the katespade sample sale found here

I was also thinking of purchasing a new printer… then I got to the website to find they were sold out. So sad.

Happy shopping!


One last thing.. we developed our Christmas photo only to discover two very creepy sets of doggy eyes. I guess it will have to do 🙂