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A first…workout review!

14 Dec

Out of all the many many workout videos I have tried I have never given P90x a go. So for the past few days I have been attempting the grueling workouts. I decided to give it a  good critique so incase anyone was thinking of asking Santa for the package they would have a better idea of what it entails.

First, P90x is a 90 day plan that takes workout to the extreme… hints, the ‘x’. Each week you get a new set of workouts that shock your body and build new muscle patterns. Some of the workouts include: plyometrics, cardio, abs, legs and back, etc. Each workout is around 45min-1 hour long. You will need some equipment: a pull up bar, weights, etc. Below I have laid out the pros and cons of this program.


Proven success- many many people have changed their body using the program

intense- some may say this is a con, however, working out should give you results… in one workout you will feel it!

Not cheesy- I’m thinking of some fitness gurus that you cannot help but laugh at.. this guy is tolerable.

An at home workout- no need to go to a gym and no one is going to laugh at you!


Dedication- you must be dedicated to the whole program… the workouts are long and you must complete one 6 days/week

Yoga video- seriously? 90 minutes of yoga may sound relaxing but this one is just plain terrible.

Motivation- you must be motivated to put in the dvds and get moving or its not going to work.

Price- I do believe anything over $100 bucks is a little much.. however, you would save on gym memberships

Funny video time-


Made my day!